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Here you will find the latest news on the development of OrcaFlex. Alongside our LinkedIn page, it is a valuable source of information about what we are up to!

Welcome to the OrcaFlex Blog

Welcome to our new OrcaFlex Blog!

We’ve been contemplating writing a blog for some time now and have finally decided to take the plunge. The idea is to try to encourage the development of the OrcaFlex community. Our annual User Group Meetings are a big part of this, but a blog can be more immediate and interactive. There are hundreds of active OrcaFlex users in the world and we hope that this blog will help bring them closer together.

As you will hopefully be aware we have recently released OrcaFlex version 9.1. There are lots of useful new features in 9.1 and we’ll be writing about the more significant of these here.

Of course, having completed work on 9.1, thoughts immediately turn to the next version. When designing new features for OrcaFlex it is important to try and get good user feedback. Our in-house consultancy group are excellent at providing this, but we would really like to gather more input from users outside Orcina. Much of what we write here will concern upcoming features and we hope that this will stimulate some interesting thoughts from all you OrcaFlex users.

We also plan to write about some of the more interesting work that our in-house consultancy group are doing with the program. Hopefully we can share some ideas and tips for getting the best out of OrcaFlex.

We’ll have our first proper post published very soon. Please check back soon, or subscribe to the blog using the RSS feed.