OrcaBend is a package developed specifically for deriving an optimum stiffener profile which protects the cable from infringing its allowable bend radius under a range of design loads. Optimised bend stiffeners are both lighter and shorter, offering major savings in installation equipment and handling costs. The program is in use by the leading manufacturers of bend stiffeners as well as system designers.

Whilst no longer being actively developed, OrcaBend is still available for purchase, and is also fully supported.

OrcaBend UI


OrcaBend is used generically for the design of bend stiffeners coming in to a termination. This includes any application where a comparatively flexible line is brought in to terminate at a much more rigid termination. Examples include:

  • Termination of offshore flexible risers and umbilicals.
  • Termination of streamer arrays.
  • Under buoy connection points.


Modelling Elements

  • Facilities for temperature and saturation effects.
  • Materials Library facilities – linear and non-linear materials.
  • Material properties can be changed at any point along the length of the bend stiffener.
  • Fatigue-based design can be handled by attributing different allowable bend radii to each load case.


  • Solves for multiple tension / angle load combinations in a single pass.
  • Automated parametric study on the range of stiffener lengths and stiffnesses.
  • Simple cone, analytic and user defined profiles.
  • Run out to finite wall thickness at the tip.
  • Generates Design Chart from which the optimum length and stiffness can be ascertained.
  • Automatic performance plotting.

Data Input

  • Interactive Graphical User Interface.

Results Output

  • Graphical and spreadsheet format output.
  • Export spreadsheets in Excel format.
  • Graph results of user selected variables for abscissa and ordinate axes.
  • Copy paste in standard Windows manner.


The OrcaBend demonstration version is just like the full version except that it only allows you to analyse and design a bend stiffener for the built-in default case.

You can get the OrcaBend demonstration software by downloading the following zip file: OrcaBendDemo.zip

Extract the files and install the program by running OrcaBend.msi.

The help file contains a design example that we recommend you read through as you investigate OrcaBend – select Contents and Index from the OrcaBend Help menu and then see the Design Example topic in the Contents chapter. This gives an introduction to the principles of bend stiffener design with OrcaBend.


A single help file can be downloaded for offline viewing here: