OrcaFlex FlexNet License Support

This page has download links for the software tools required for OrcaFlex FlexNet licenses, including support for local access and floating licenses.

FlexNet licensing

FlexNet Publisher (formerly FLEXlm) is a software-based licensing system which does not need any hardware device such as a dongle. Instead, licenses are stored on either your machine or on a server to which you have network access, in a protected area of storage known as trusted storage. FlexNet licensing is available for OrcaFlex from version 11.0 onwards.

FlexNet license administration is performed with our utility program OrcaLicense.

To enable your FlexNet licenses, we send you an activation ID. You enter this into OrcaLicense’s activation form to download (automatically and securely) the corresponding license information and have it saved it to your own machine or server, thus activating your licenses.

Once activated, the licenses are tied to the machine or machines where they have been activated. Licenses can be moved between machines. This is done by deactivating, using OrcaLicense, and then reactivating on another machine, again using OrcaLicense. Note that licenses should not be moved with excessive frequency.

These licenses in trusted storage are in essence what you have purchased or leased from us, and should be treated with due care and security. We cannot replace lost active licenses. In particular, if you wish to decommission a server, or relocate a VM or replace hardware etc, you must deactivate your licenses first and then reactivate them after making the changes when you are again ready to use them.

FlexNet licenses come in two different sorts: floating (on a network) and local (commonly known as node-locked). You cannot switch your license type yourself: you will be asked which type you require before we set up your license(s). If you later wish to change it you must contact us to arrange to exchange it for the other type.

Floating FlexNet licenses

Floating licenses are stored on a central server on your network, and can be used by any machine on the network which is set up to access them.

Floating licenses should be installed on a central server which is always available. Access to the licenses is managed by a license manager service. Any computer on the same network which can access the license server, is able to use a license. Because floating licenses require a central server with a license manager service, your company IT service will normally be required to help install the licensing system.

Floating licenses can be borrowed from the server in order to have a license available on a specific machine without network access. This facility is not intended for routine use. Borrowing is used when the user does not have access to your office network, for example an offshore trip.

Local FlexNet licenses

Local licenses (also known as node-locked licenses) may only be used on the machine on which they have been activated – the licenses are locked to that node. The licenses are activated directly on the machine where your Orcina software (such as OrcaFlex) is installed.

As mentioned above, licenses can be moved between machines, although this should not be done with excessive frequency. Local licences are much simpler to install than floating licenses, because no license manager server is required.