OrcaFlex is the world’s leading package for the dynamic analysis of offshore marine systems, renowned for its breadth of technical capability and user friendliness. OrcaFlex also has the unique capability in its class to be used as a library, allowing a host of automation possibilities and ready integration into 3rd party software.

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OrcaFlex – World-leading software that goes beyond expectation

When it comes to dynamic analysis software, no other package comes close to the power, performance and capability of Orcaflex.

Proven time and time again in a myriad of applications, Orcaflex can transform the way you undertake analysis and design, giving you the speed, accuracy and ease of use that will make the whole process more simple and straightforward than ever before.

So whether you’re concerned with research, analysis or engineering, whether your work involves oil & gas, wet renewables, oceanographic, seismic, defence or aquaculture, with Orcaflex, you’ll have the most powerful, flexible and responsive software at your command. And a uniquely wide range of benefits that will make a real difference to your business right from day one.

Tried and tested around the world for:

  • riser systems
  • transport, installation and decommissioning
  • moorings and global performance
  • pipelay and pipelines
  • renewables
  • towed systems
  • numerous other applications, including aquaculture, cable-stayed structures, floating bridges, defence, marine renewables, factory cable routing and earthquake loading

Mid Water Arch model utilising multiple shaded graphics views
Mid Water Arch model utilising multiple shaded graphics views

Lazy Wave Riser with curvature results
Lazy Wave Riser with curvature results

A first class approach

We prove it meets your needs – We’ll provide a demo and example model so you can test and evaluate software capability before you buy.

User Friendly – We provide a variety of pre & post processing options, best in class user interface and visualisation of the working simulation so you can check errors as you go.

An integrated software package renowned for its breadth of technical capability

Competitively priced to help you get the best value from your investment – purchase, leasing and discount options with robust maintenance, upgrades and support contracts.

Best in class service and support – we encourage you to check our support during your evaluation process.

Quality Assured

OrcaFlex is developed using a robust quality assurance, testing and validation process, giving our customers the confidence to manage risk, reduce inefficiencies, validate and improve their designs.