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Here you will find the latest news on the development of OrcaFlex. Alongside our LinkedIn page, it is a valuable source of information about what we are up to!

OrcaFlex 9.2 released

We are very pleased to announce the release of OrcaFlex version 9.2a. We are now starting the process of producing the installation CDs and customers with up to date MUS contracts should receive the upgrade in the middle of September.

There are a great many enhancements to the software which we described in the previous blog post. The only significant change in the software from that post is that the non-linear soil model is not included in 9.2a. We have not had sufficient time to perform the testing and validation of this development to a level sufficient for release. We are continuing to work on this and hope to include the non-linear soil model in a minor 9.2 update sometime later this year.

OrcaFlex 9.2 new features

It’s been a long time since our last article and we’ve all been very consumed with work for OrcaFlex 9.2. We are nearly ready to release this major upgrade and are now in a position to announce the new features which it will introduce. The major enhancements fall into the following categories:

  • Performance
  • Bend Stiffener and Stress Joint modelling
  • Multi-threaded batch processing
  • Fatigue post-processing enhancements
  • Non-linear seabed
  • Wake deficit / interference modelling
  • Wave spreading
  • 6 DOF Vessel QTFs
  • Python interface to OrcFxAPI

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OrcaFlex 9.1 released, the fastest OrcaFlex yet!

As I’m quite sure every OrcaFlex user knows by now, OrcaFlex 9.0 introduced an implicit time domain solver in addition to the existing explicit solver. This change led to huge improvements in run times and thus prompted us to award the release ‘major upgrade status’ and promote it from version 8 to version 9!

In August 2007 we released OrcaFlex 9.1, which introduced many further improvements to the implicit solver — version 9.1 is now significantly faster than 9.0. The purpose of this blog post is to discuss some of the improvements in version 9.1, present a runtime comparison with Flexcom, and to discuss some future developments we plan to make OrcaFlex even faster still.

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