Orcina papers & technical notes

Below you will find a number of useful papers and technical notes, available for download in PDF format.


The following published papers are available for download in PDF format:

Non-linear hysteretic soil model
Wake interference modelling
Bending hysteresis
Spar Buoy Equation of Motion

Technical Notes

The following technical notes are available for download in PDF format:

OrcaWave - working with meshes
Statics convergence guide
Statics Convergence Guide
Modelling contact guide
Modelling Contact
Spar buoy short wave issue
Spar Buoy Short Wave Issue
Equation of motion for spar buoys in OrcaFlex
Spar Buoy Equation of Motion
Friction effects and shear stiffness
Friction Effects and Shear Stiffness
OrcaFlex friction effects
OrcaFlex Friction Effects
Compressive waves
Compressive Waves
Buoy discretisation
Buoy Discretisation
Hybrid buoy-vessel modelling
Buoy + Vessel Modelling
Strain reporting in OrcaFlex
Strain Reporting in OrcaFlex
Structural damping
Structural Damping
Seabed stiffness
Seabed Stiffness
Chain bending fatigue
Chain Bending Fatigue
Wave spectra used in OrcaFlex
Wave Spectra Used in OrcaFlex
Generating spectral RAOs
Generating Spectral RAOs