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New example demonstrating the OrcaFlex interface to SHEAR7

A new example, A06 SHEAR7 interface, is now available on our website.

The example illustrates how to access the OrcaFlex interface to SHEAR7, using the steel catenary riser system considered in the A05 Catenary with spar example.

SHEAR7 is a third-party program, distributed by AMOG, which performs frequency domain VIV analysis for the purpose of estimating fatigue and/or drag amplification due to VIV. A separate licence is required to run SHEAR7 through the interface. However, the example results can be viewed without a SHEAR7 licence.

The accompanying PDF document provides detail on how to access the interface, what input data are required and how to access the VIV results. However, the example does not address how to choose appropriate values for the SHEAR7 data inputs, as these relate to SHEAR7 itself, rather than the OrcaFlex interface.

We hope that the example provides a useful guide to the SHEAR7 interface, allowing it to be used effectively.


An OrcaFlex model of a single line hanging in a catenary configuration with SHEAR7 logo.