OrcaFlex releases

The latest release of OrcaFlex isĀ OrcaFlex 11.4c. Instructions on how to upgrade to this release of OrcaFlex, and older releases, can be found by following the links at the bottom of the page.

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For the best results and comprehensive support, ensure you are using the latest software version. If in any doubt, please contact us, we’re ready to help!

Future developments

We are still finalising the the exact content of the next release of OrcaFlex. However, over the next 24 months we aim to develop in the following areas:

  • Further features for mooring analysis (synthetic mooring lines, workflow tailored to mooring analysis, better extremes results, etc.)
  • Further features for wind turbine modelling
  • Further features for diffraction analysis
  • Further features for seabed resistance: vertical interaction models relevant to pipeline upheaval or to drilling riser modelling
  • Panel based calculations in OrcaFlex
  • Features to support scalable and cloud computing
  • Improved quality of shaded graphics

Please note that the above list is not a definite commitment. Some features take longer (or occasionally shorter!) to develop than originally estimated.

OrcaFlex releases

Release Date
Latest Release
24 Nov 2023
17 Nov 2022
22 Nov 2021
12 Feb 2021
28 Nov 2019
28 Nov 2018
1 Nov 2017
1 Oct 2016
1 Oct 2015
28 Oct 2014
30 Sep 2013
16 Oct 2012
17 Oct 2011