OrcaFlex videos

We have created a number of video resources to help you use OrcaFlex as productively as possible.

These include a set of short tutorials answering commonly asked OrcaFlex questions, a series of training videos covering the basics of using OrcaFlex, and finally, a gallery of videos presenting the new features in recent releases.

If you think a video for a topic not covered here would be useful, feel free to get in touch with us!

Introduction to OrcaFlex

This series of training videos provide a complete introduction to OrcaFlex and is very similar in content to the 2-day introductory open training course. It is intended as an alternative for those users who are unable to attend a training course.

What’s new in OrcaFlex

With each new release, we create a ‘what’s new’ video detailing the key changes. You will find these videos here, going all the way back to version 9.8.

OrcaFlex Tutorials

This gallery features a number of tutorial videos that are short in duration and intended to cover a particular topic of interest, for example, statics convergence.