Working at Orcina

Working at Orcina


Orcina is a small software engineering company supplying dynamic analysis software to the offshore industry. The company has been trading for over 30 years and has grown steadily during that time.

We have a strong reputation in our market for technical excellence and first class timely and friendly client support. We are committed to ensuring that these remain at the core of the service we offer.

Our major activity, and the focus of the business, is in developing, marketing, maintaining and supporting our main product which is a program called OrcaFlex. This software is used throughout the world to model the dynamics of offshore systems, including risers, moorings, towed systems and installation activity.

Broadly speaking, the company identifies three main internal functions – software & technology, administration and consultancy. We don’t have rigid distinctions between them, so in principle all staff can contribute effort to these functions. However, in practice, skill sets and aptitude usually mean that staff focus only in one or two areas.

Those on the software & technology side write and publish the programs, dealing with development of the user interface, ease-of-use functionality and the mathematical models used in the software.

The administration group deals with accounts, software dispatch and licensing, and internal IT support.

The main activity of those contributing to the consultancy function is to support and train clients in the use of our software, and to market our products. A small amount of consultancy analysis work for external clients occurs but this is reducing as a proportion of all activity.

We currently have a vacancy for:

Consultant Engineer

The consultancy group currently has staff with varied backgrounds including aeronautical engineering, marine hydrodynamics, bend stiffener manufacture, armaments, subsea connectors, stress analysis and heat transfer. All have gained considerable e...

Closing Date: 31/12/2023