FASTlink has, for some time, allowed OrcaFlex to be used for coupled dynamic analysis of an entire floating wind turbine. OrcaFlex v10.3 introduced a new turbine object allowing you to perform this analysis entirely within OrcaFlex, thereby no longer requiring FASTlink.

Whilst the preferred option for coupled wind turbine analysis is to do everything within OrcaFlex, FASTlink will continue to be available as a legacy product. See below for more information.

Wind farm

FAST is a wind turbine modelling program developed by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). FASTlink is an experimental package that can be used to run coupled OrcaFlex + FAST simulations of floating wind turbine systems. In such coupled simulations FAST models the turbine aerodynamic loads and response, and the turbine control and power take-off system, but OrcaFlex models the platform hydrodynamic loads and mooring loads and response. To use FASTlink you need to have OrcaFlex 9.8a (or later) installed.

Full details are available from NREL at: In order to execute coupled OrcaFlex + FAST simulations you will need the software provided by NREL and the FASTlink DLL: