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OrcaFlex 11.1 UGM videos

We had a fantastic series of OrcaFlex 11.1 user group meetings last week! Thank you to everyone who attended, we hope you found them interesting and informative.

Whilst we would love to have been able to see you in person, there were also tangible benefits from conducting the user group meetings in this way. For example, of the 386 individuals who attended one or more sessions, we had nearly 30 countries represented. Some of those present were from parts of the world we would not normally visit on a regular basis, such as Israel, Japan, Canada and Vietnam!

In all, we had over 800 attendees across all six sessions! It was incredibly encouraging to see such large numbers, as well as some really interactive Q&A sessions which, for us, were one of the highlights.

You can find recordings of all sessions on the videos page of our website, as well as on our YouTube page.