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Here you will find the latest news on the development of OrcaFlex. Alongside our LinkedIn page, it is a valuable source of information about what we are up to!

Distributed OrcaFlex 8.0a released

We have just released Distributed OrcaFlex 8.0a which you can download from the Distributed OrcaFlex page.

This is a major update containing the following changes:

New job list views

There are now two tabs to view the list of jobs with different perspectives:


The active list displays only the running or waiting jobs, the the same order as the job list in previous versions. However, it has a simplified interface for a quick overview.


Batches of submitted jobs are now grouped together under the detailed tab. In this view, more information can be seen about particular jobs, and the order of jobs remains constant (sorted by age).

Batch actions

The new job list structure allows for actions that can be performed on a whole batch at once:

  • Resubmit batch
  • Cancel batch
  • Pause batch
  • Resume batch

High DPI

The UI elements of Distributed OrcaFlex now scale cleanly at any resolution, improving use with high DPI displays.

Status icons

Icons have been added to the job status for readabilty, doubling as a summary of the job list in the status bar.

Proxy client

Previously, each DOF client process on a large machine would communicate individually with the DOF server. To reduce the amount of network traffic, an extra client process is created as a proxy, which collates the messages sent from and recieved by each subprocess.

File operations throttle

In place of the ramping feature, a throttle on the total saving and loading of jobs can be set to reduce the strain on the file server. If the total file operations exceed a certain threshold, the clients will delay the file read and writes by a random interval.

Batch notifications

Users can now be notified when an submitted batch has completed.