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Here you will find the latest news on the development of OrcaFlex. Alongside our LinkedIn page, it is a valuable source of information about what we are up to!

Distributed OrcaFlex 7.0a released

We have just released Distributed OrcaFlex 7.0a which you can download from the Distributed OrcaFlex page.

This is a major update containing the following changes:

  • DOF can now handle simulation restarts. Restart parents are identified in the DOF Viewer when submitting a batch of jobs and the DOF Server will ensure that the dependency chain is run in the correct order if the ‘Respect restart sequence’ check box is selected when submitting jobs. When adding restart child models, you can automatically include the restart parents if you check the ‘Include restart parents’ check box. The child restart models must be ‘.yml’ text data files.
  • The DOF Viewer can display full details for a selected job in a pop-up window from the context menu. Client machine details can be viewed in a pop-up from the context menu in the DOF Viewer OrcaFlex Clients tab. The DOF Server settings can be seen in a pop-up window by double-clicking the DOF Viewer status bar.
  • The speed of handling of the job status and progress messages in the DOF Server has been improved.
  • The list of DOF Clients kept by the DOF Server is now saved in structured text format (yaml) file. This can be edited to give a DOF Client an alias name for display in the DOF Viewer rather than its machine name.
  • Bug Fix: If a client disconnected during communication with the DOF Server this would cause an error in the server.
  • Bug Fix: A client could fail to provide a MAC address to the DOF Server which meant that the ‘Wake on LAN’ feature would not work.
  • Bug Fix: If a DOF Client was disabled whilst running jobs, these jobs were given a ‘moving’ status but could block later scheduling to that DOF Client if other client machines were busy.