Orcina news

Here you will find the latest news on the development of OrcaFlex. Alongside our LinkedIn page, it is a valuable source of information about what we are up to!

Distributed OrcaFlex 6.2a released

We have just released Distributed OrcaFlex 6.2a which you can download from the Distributed OrcaFlex web page.

This is a relatively minor update containing the following changes:

  • Previously, when submitting jobs, you specified whether you wanted both statics and dynamics to be performed, or just statics. Starting in OrcaFlex 11.1 the input data specifies whether statics and/or dynamics are to be performed. Because this setting has been moved into the model data, it is no longer possible to make this choice when submitting jobs in Distributed OrcaFlex. However, it is sometimes useful to be able to skip dynamics even if it is enabled in the input data. A new skip dynamics option has been added to the submit job dialog which mirrors the identically named option on the OrcaFlex batch processing form.
  • The console program (dofcmd.exe) can now list jobs in both yaml and csv format. Previously only csv format was available.
  • Jobs with post calculation actions would sometimes be restarted by the server if the post calculation action spent too long processing without sending a progress update. This release fixes that issue, but also requires that the Python OrcFxAPI module is updated.

Note that if you wish to take advantage of the improved handling of long-running post calculation actions, then you will need to update your Python OrcFxAPI module. This would happen normally by an OrcaFlex update, and the next minor release (11.2d) will include the required changes. In the meantime if you need to update then you can do so from the PyPI repository using this command:

pip install –ignore-installed –no-deps OrcFxAPI