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Here you will find the latest news on the development of OrcaFlex. Alongside our LinkedIn page, it is a valuable source of information about what we are up to!

Changes to our service due to Coronavirus

We are sure that many of our clients, like us, are experiencing significant changes in their day-to-day lives in these difficult times.

Those of you who have been in touch with us recently will already have realised that we are now almost exclusively home-working. This means that we are no longer offering face-to-face training or customer visits. However, we are continuing to offer our normal technical support service. We are not currently able to offer technical support over the telephone, but would be more than happy to respond to any queries through email.

We are also still able to ship out dongles for those setting up new OrcaFlex licenses and apply dongle updates (e.g. activating or de-activating a lease, licence transfer, or adding new licences). However, to limit the requirement for a staff presence in our office, this service will only be available on Mondays and Wednesdays. We appreciate that this may be slightly inconvenient in some circumstances and ask for your patience and understanding.

Finally, we hope that you, and your friends and families, stay safe and healthy, wherever you are in the world