OrcaFlex examples


Below is a list of links to OrcaFlex example topics. Within each topic are a number of examples which each comprise one or more simulation files, a description pdf file, workspace files and sometimes other supporting files. The files for each example are zipped for easy download. The simulation files can be opened and viewed with the demonstration version of OrcaFlex.


L01 Default vessel

This example introduces our diffraction solver OrcaWave. We demonstrate the use of OrcaWave to to re-create the hydrodynamic data set used by the OrcaFlex default vessel.

L02 OC4 semi sub

In this example we will use OrcaWave to perform a diffraction analysis of a semi-submersible floating wind turbine platform.

This example will demonstrate the importance of doing a mesh sensitivity study, and will also explain how to handle the situation where a relatively large superstructure is modelled explicitly in OrcaFlex.