OrcaFlex examples

Drilling risers

Below is a list of links to OrcaFlex example topics. Within each topic are a number of examples which each comprise one or more simulation files, a description pdf file, workspace files and sometimes other supporting files. The files for each example are zipped for easy download. The simulation files can be opened and viewed with the demonstration version of OrcaFlex.

Drilling risers

B01 Drilling riser

A tensioned drilling riser descends from a semi-submersible drilling vessel to a blow out preventer (BOP) on the seabed. A drill string is modelled running inside the riser down to the BOP and carries on into the casing below the seabed.

B06 Running BOP

A blow out preventer (BOP) stack is lowered to the seabed for connection to the wellhead. Guide wires are used to restrain the BOP while it is lowered.