OrcaFlex examples


Below is a list of links to OrcaFlex example topics. Within each topic are a number of examples which each comprise one or more simulation files, a description pdf file, workspace files and sometimes other supporting files. The files for each example are zipped for easy download. The simulation files can be opened and viewed with the demonstration version of OrcaFlex.


K01 Floating wind turbine

This example considers modelling of the NREL 5MW baseline turbine mounted on the OC3 Hywind spar. This mock turbine system is recognised as an industry-standard reference model that is representative of a typical utility-scale, multi-megawatt wind turbine. The model itself utilises the turbine object, which is new to OrcaFlex v10.3.

User defined results (UDRs) are also featured in this example. UDRs and the turbine controllers used in this example use the Python API

Note: using the Python API to OrcaFlex requires a licenced copy of OrcaFlex.