OrcaFlex examples

Riser installation

Below is a list of links to OrcaFlex example topics. Within each topic are a number of examples which each comprise one or more simulation files, a description pdf file, workspace files and sometimes other supporting files. The files for each example are zipped for easy download. The simulation files can be opened and viewed with the demonstration version of OrcaFlex.

Riser installation

D02 Pull in analysis

A line has been laid on the seabed in a specified route. It is to be pulled in to a wellhead funnel by a winch. A gateway ahead of the funnel controls the pipe entry so it approaches at an angle that will not cause the pullhead to jam.

D03 Lay on tower

Installation of a riser over a subsea tower in 300m water. The riser is paid out from the moonpool of the installation vessel, and is supported from an auxiliary winch at the bow. There is a clamp about 10m above the attachment point of the winch, which has to be placed in the centre of the support tower.

D04 J-tube pull in

This example models a typical J-tube pull-in operation. It includes paying a line (a riser) out from a vessel over a chute whilst simultaneously pulling in the other end up a J-tube. It demonstrates Line Feeding, the Line Contact model and introduces some tips for controlling the line position in the static solution.