OrcaFlex 11.3

Release details

The latest release of OrcaFlex 11.3 is OrcaFlex 11.3f.

The new features introduced in OrcaFlex 11.3 can be viewed online:

The documentation can also be downloaded for offline use:

To upgrade to OrcaFlex 11.3f, download the install program from your company’s Orcina software download page. A link to this page was sent to your software administration contact when we released 11.3a. If you do not have access to this page, please contact us.

A more in depth discussion of the major new features introduced in OrcaFlex 11.3 isĀ available in the news section.

Known bugs in version 11.3f


  • Some fields of the TTurbineInstantaneousCalculationData structure, passed to native external functions were not correctly populated. Specifically HubRelativeWindVelocity and those associated with the turbine’s motion, e.g. TurbinePosition. This bug only affected native external functions; Python external functions were unaffected.
  • Text data variation files specifying the deletion of vessel type RAO directions did not reload into OrcaFlex.
  • Simulations of models with large numbers of Morison elements could be significantly slower in 11.3 than earlier versions.
  • OrcaFlex ignored user-specified starting shape position data for free line ends when reading a text data file.

These bugs will be fixed in 11.3g.