OrcaFlex 11.1

Release details

The latest release of OrcaFlex 11.1 is OrcaFlex 11.1a.

The new features introduced in OrcaFlex 11.1 can be viewed online in the OrcaFlex help file. The OrcaFlex 11.1 help file can also be downloaded:


To upgrade to OrcaFlex 11.1a from 11.0 or earlier, download the install program from your company’s Orcina software download page. A link to this page was sent to your software administration contact when we released 11.1a. If you do not have access to this page, please contact us.

A more in depth discussion of the major new features introduced in OrcaFlex 11.1 is available in the news section.

Known bugs in version 11.1a


  • Contact drawing for lines could be incorrect for certain dynamic restart models. This would happen if the parent model contained elastic solids, but the child restart model did not. Likewise this would happen for a line which used clashing or line contact in the parent model, but did not in the child restart model. As well as the incorrect contact drawing, replays could lead to stream read error.
  • A dynamic restart from a static parent model could have failed to run in certain circumstances if there had previously been a dynamics stage in the chain of restart models. This would only happen for a model in which a line with torsion included was in contact with a shape or the seabed.
  • Statics simulation files for restart analyses might not have reloaded with the same values of connection loads for vessels with superimposed motion.
  • Ochi-Hubble spectra with large values of λ1 or λ2 could lead to floating point overflows.
  • Opening an OrcaWave results file (.owr) as a library model results in an assertion failure error being reported. To workaround this, open the .owr file directly in OrcaFlex, save the model as an OrcaFlex .dat file, and then use that in the library.
  • The MATLAB API would fail to parse certain valid expressions of the form model(objectName).methodName, failing with a too many output arguments error.

These bugs will be fixed in version 11.1b.


  • An access violation error may have occurred in models performing validation of panel arrangement if the calculation mesh failed to load for some reason, e.g. if a mesh file could not be found.

This bug will be fixed in version 11.1b.