OrcaFlex 11.2

Release details

The latest release of OrcaFlex 11.2 is OrcaFlex 11.2d.

The new features introduced in OrcaFlex 11.2 can be viewed online:

The documentation can also be downloaded for offline use:

To upgrade to OrcaFlex 11.2d, download the install program from your company’s Orcina software download page. A link to this page was sent to your software administration contact when we released 11.2a. If you do not have access to this page, please contact us.

A more in depth discussion of the major new features introduced in OrcaFlex 11.2 isĀ available in the news section.

Known bugs in version 11.2d


  • Undoing the deletion of a line that is part of a line contact relationship would fail to restore the relationship’s contact stiffness data if that contact stiffness is variable.
  • The primary membrane stress result, Pm, did not correctly account for the direct tensile stress component. The result has been redefined to resolve this.
  • Simulation files containing change tracking state (i.e. variation models and restart analyses) generated by 11.3 could lead to an access violation error when loaded in earlier versions of 11.2.
  • Since version 11.1a, custom replays which change graphics mode were not exported correctly to .avi files.
  • Any state associated with external functions controlling current speed and direction would not have been correctly transferred to a restart analysis from its parent model.
  • The text data file representation of a variation model or restart analysis from which a multibody group had been deleted (relative to the parent model) would not reload into OrcaFlex.
  • Workspaces with collated results of restart analyses could fail to open with an access violation error. This would happen if the list of restart parent files in the workspace file contained file names that are not in the restart parent chain. The most likely way for this to occur is for a workspace to be applied to the wrong simulation file. The desired behaviour is that an informative error message be reported.

These bugs will be fixed in version 11.2e.


An OrcaWave calculation could fail with a floating point division by zero error message while processing interior free surface panels in a body mesh, i.e. panels for removing irregular frequency effects.

This bug will be fixed in version 11.2e.