The OrcaFlex Support section contains details of recent OrcaFlex releases and information on future developments of OrcaFlex that we are working on. We organise OrcaFlex User Group meetings annually and also provide a variety of Software Training courses. Validation documents for OrcaFlex are available for download.


Dongle Support

The Dongle Support section contains software to help solve problems with Orcina dongles.

Networked OrcaFlex  

Distributed OrcaFlex and Orcina Licence Monitor

Distributed OrcaFlex is a suite of programs that enables a collection of networked, OrcaFlex licensed computers to run OrcaFlex jobs, transparently, using spare processor time.

The Orcina Licence Monitor is a service that monitors the current number of OrcaFlex licences claimed on a network in real time.

External Function examples  

External Function examples

OrcaFlex includes a facility to specify data in a user-defined function which we refer to as External Functions. The feature is documented in the OrcaFlex and OrcFxAPI help files. Some example external functions are supplied on the OrcaFlex installation disc. Alternatively these example functions, together with full documentation, can be downloaded here:

Shaded Graphics  

OrcaFlex Shaded Graphics Support

The Shaded Graphics Support section gives advice on how to get the best out of OrcaFlex shaded graphics.


Benchmarking and hardware recommendations

Advice for choosing hardware to run OrcaFlex is provided on the OrcaFlex Benchmark page.