OrcaFlex Licence Support

This page directs you to information on both licencing options for OrcaFlex.

NetHASP dongle licensing

A NetHASP dongle is a USB hardware device which you connect to either your local computer, or to a server to which you have network access, in order to enable licence access by Orcina software such as OrcaFlex. Historically, all Orcina software which requires a licence has been protected in this way.

Information on setting up your dongle licence is available here: Dongle licence support.

FlexNet licensing

FlexNet Publisher (formerly FLEXlm) is a software-based licensing system which does not need any hardware device such as a dongle. Instead, licences are stored in a protected area of storage on either your local computer, or on a server to which you have network access. FlexNet licensing is available for OrcaFlex version 11.0 onwards.

Information on the setup and activation of FlexNet licences is available here: FlexNet licence support.