Mouse and keyboard actions

As well as the standard Windows mouse operations such as selection and dragging, OrcaFlex uses some specialised actions. Clicking the right mouse button over a 3D view, graph or text window displays a popup menu of frequently used actions, such as copy, paste, export etc. For wire frame 3D views and graph windows the mouse can be used to zoom: hold the ALT key down and, with the left mouse button, drag a box over the region you want to view.

All of the menu items can be selected from the keyboard by pressing ALT followed by the underlined letters.

Example: To exit from OrcaFlex (menu: File | Exit) press ALT+F then X, or ALT then F then X

A number of frequently used menu items may also be accessed by shortcut keys, such as CTRL+R to start a replay. See the tables below. The shortcut keys are also displayed on the OrcaFlex menus. We suggest that, as you become more familiar with the operation of OrcaFlex, you memorise the shortcut keys for the actions that you use most frequently.

In the main window

New model CTRL+N
Open file CTRL+O
Save file CTRL+S
Open data SHIFT+CTRL+O
Save data SHIFT+CTRL+S
Help F1
Print F7
Show / hide model browser F6
Switch to model browser SHIFT+F6
Calculate static position F9
Run dynamic simulation F10
Pause dynamic simulation F11
Reset F12
Open results selection form F5
Go to next window CTRL+F6
Go to previous window SHIFT+CTRL+F6
Tile windows vertically F4
Tile windows horizontally SHIFT+F4
Close selected window CTRL+F4
Close other windows CTRL+ALT+F4
Close program ALT+F4

In the model browser

Switch between groups view and types view CTRL+ALT+G
Edit data ENTER
Move selected objects CTRL+M
Rename object F2
Locate F3
Compare F8
Lock / unlock CTRL+L
Hide/show CTRL+H
Properties ALT+ENTER
Paste CTRL+V
Switch to main window SHIFT+F6
Close browser F6

On data forms

Help F1
Go to next data form F6
Go to previous data form SHIFT+F6
Display data names for currently selected data item or table. F7
Display properties report ALT+ENTER
Show connections report F8
Copy form F9
Export form F10
Open calculator F12

Data selection

Go to next data item or table TAB
Go to previous data item or table SHIFT+TAB
Go to data item or table labelled with underlined letter ALT+LETTER
Move around within a table ← → ↑ ↓
Select multiple cells in table SHIFT + ← → ↑ ↓, SHIFT+HOME, SHIFT+END
Go to first or last column in table HOME END
Go up or down table several rows at a time PGUP PGDN

Data editing

Enter new value for selected cell Type new value
Edit current value of selected cell F2
Open drop-down list ALT + ↑ ↓
Move around within new data value being entered ← → HOME END
Accept edit ENTER
Accept edit and go to adjacent cell in table ↑ ↓
Cancel edit ESC
Copy selected cell(s) to clipboard CTRL+C
Paste from clipboard CTRL+V
Fill selection from top (copy top cell down) CTRL+D
Fill selection from left (copy leftmost cell to right) CTRL+R
Fill selection from bottom (copy bottom cell up) CTRL+U, SHIFT+CTRL+D
Fill selection from right (copy rightmost cell to left) CTRL+L, SHIFT+CTRL+R
Insert new rows in table INSERT
Delete selected rows from table DELETE

Graph control

Use default ranges CTRL+T
Zoom ALT+drag, CTRL+wheel
Pan SHIFT+drag

3D view control

Elevation view CTRL+E
Plan view CTRL+P
Rotate viewpoint up (increment view elevation angle) CTRL+ALT+
Rotate viewpoint down (decrement view elevation angle) CTRL+ALT+
Rotate viewpoint right (increment view azimuth angle) CTRL+ALT+
Rotate viewpoint left (decrement view azimuth angle) CTRL+ALT+
Rotate viewpoint +90° CTRL+Q
Rotate viewpoint -90° SHIFT+CTRL+Q
Zoom in CTRL+I, CTRL+wheel, ALT+drag
Zoom out SHIFT+CTRL+I, CTRL+wheel, SHIFT+ALT+drag
Move view centre – mouse panning SHIFT+drag
Move view centre – fine adjustment ← → ↑ ↓
Move view centre – coarse adjustment CTRL + ← → ↑ ↓
Edit view parameters for current 3D view CTRL+W
Reset to default view CTRL+T
Set as default view SHIFT+CTRL+T
Show entire model CTRL+ALT+T

Wire frame 3D view control

Show / hide local axes CTRL+Y
Show / hide node axes CTRL+ALT+Y
Show / hide origins SHIFT+ALT+Y
Show / hide name labels SHIFT+CTRL+Y
Lock/unlock selected object CTRL+L
Place new object SPACE or ENTER
Edit selected object CTRL+F2
Cut selected object to clipboard CTRL+X
Copy selected object, or 3D view if no object is selected, to clipboard CTRL+C
Paste object from clipboard (followed by mouse click or SPACE or ENTER to place the new object) CTRL+V
Delete selected object DELETE
Measuring tape tool SHIFT+CTRL+drag

Replay control

Start / stop replay CTRL+R
Replay faster CTRL+F
Replay slower SHIFT+CTRL+F
Step forwards one frame in the replay and pause CTRL+A
Step backwards one frame in the replay and pause CTRL+B, SHIFT+CTRL+A
Set replay time CTRL+M
Edit replay parameters CTRL+D