Text windows

Simple text windows are used for some reports. To print a text window, use the File | Print menu. You can also copy text to the clipboard – simply select a region of text and then use the Edit | Copy menu item (or press CTRL+C). From the clipboard you can then paste it into another application. Alternatively, you can export the text to a file using the window's file menu or the popup menu.

Statics progress window

During a statics calculation, the progress of the calculation is shown in the message box on the status bar. These messages are also sent to a text window, the statics progress window. This text window is not shown by default: it may be viewed, if you wish to watch the process more closely, by clicking on the message box during statics or by selecting the Window | Statics progress menu item. Like other text windows it may be printed, copied or exported, as described above. You can also set a preference to show this window automatically if the statics calculation fails.