Batch processing: Obtaining data names

Each OrcaFlex data item has its own name that is used to specify it in a script file. The names of the data items are based on the corresponding labels used on the data form. To find out the name of a data item, open the appropriate data form, select the data item, and then open (e.g. by right click) the popup menu and select the data names command (or press F7). This displays the name of the selected data item which you can select and copy directly into your batch script.

If the data item is in a table (or group) of data items then the data names form displays the names of all the data items in the table. The different columns in the table each have their own names, listed in column order.

If the data item is in a table with multiple rows, then the data name is suffixed with [] to indicate that you need to add an index to specify which row you want.