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Lock / unlock selected object

Locking an object prevents it from being accidentally dragged or connected with the mouse on 3D views, for example if you nudge the mouse slightly while trying to double-click. Lock / unlock selected object determines whether or not the currently selected object is locked. Locked objects may still have their positions edited on their data forms. The status of each object's lock is shown in the model browser.

Lock / unlock all objects

Lock or unlock all objects in the model.

Set thread count

Allows you to change the number of execution threads used by OrcaFlex for parallel processing.

Calculate speed index

The speed index is an approximate measure of how quickly a machine can perform OrcaFlex simulations. Larger values correspond to faster machines. The speed index is also reported by Distributed OrcaFlex.

The index is calculated by performing a series of floating point calculations that are representative of the calculations performed by OrcaFlex itself. The value reported is meant only to give an estimate of the relative performance of similar machines: it is always preferable, if possible, to compare actual OrcaFlex simulation run times for models representative of your typical use.

Convert text data files

This tool allows you to convert multiple text data files to be compatible with the current OrcaFlex version.


Allows you to control various program settings so that you can customise OrcaFlex to the way you prefer to work.