Window menu

Add 3D view

Add another 3D view window. Having multiple views on screen allows you to watch different parts of the system simultaneously, or to see different views (e.g. a plan and an elevation) at the same time.

Close other Windows

Close all windows other than the active window.

Tile vertical, Tile horizontal

Arrange all the windows (3D view, graph or spreadsheet) so that they fill the main window area and fit side by side without overlapping. The windows are tiled automatically every time a new window is created or deleted.

No tiling

Windows are not tiled, and you can arrange them manually. This mode would typically be used when generating workspaces with custom window layouts for presentation purposes.

Switch to model browser

This command, and the corresponding command on the model browser's window menu, enable you to switch focus between the main form and the model browser window.

Statics progress

Display the statics progress window.

External code output

Display a window containing the diagnostics text produced by external functions and user defined results.

Window list

A list of all currently open windows. If a window is hidden under others it can be selected easily from this list.