Calculation menu


Start the statics calculation. Progress and any error messages that occur are reported in the statics progress window. The statics calculation can be interrupted by clicking the reset button.

Run dynamic simulation

Start a dynamic simulation. If necessary, OrcaFlex will automatically do a statics calculation first. During the simulation, the status bar shows the current simulation time and an estimate of the time that the simulation will take, and all 3D view windows and graphs are updated at regular intervals.

Pause dynamic simulation

Pause the simulation. To save the results of a part-run simulation you need to pause it first. The simulation can be restarted by clicking the run button.

Extend dynamic simulation

This facility is only available when the current simulation is either paused or completed. It adds another stage to the current simulation, without having to reset. You are asked to specify the length of the new stage. You can then continue the simulation, without having to restart it from the beginning. This is particularly useful if you find that a simulation has not been run for long enough.

Note that data for the new stage, e.g. for winch control and vessel prescribed motion, are initially set to be the same as for the previous stage. However, the data for the new stage can be edited because the new stage has not yet started.


Reset the model, discarding any existing results. The model can then be edited or a new model loaded.

Execute post calculation actions

Executes any post calculation actions that are defined, for the purpose of debugging those actions.

View warnings

Display a window allowing you to review all warnings displayed by OrcaFlex during a calculation (statics or dynamics).

This feature is particularly useful for simulations run in batch mode or by Distributed OrcaFlex, where user intervention is not desirable and warnings are not displayed.

Line setup wizard

Open the line setup wizard. The wizard is only available when the current simulation is in reset state.

Wave scatter conversion

Open the wave scatter conversion form. This is a tool to convert a scatter table of sea states to a scatter table of regular (i.e. individual) waves.

Batch processing

Open the batch processing form, used for performing multiple unattended analyses.