View control

You can adjust the view in a 3D view window using the view control buttons:

Button Menu item Shortcut Action
View | Rotate up CTRL+ALT+ Increase view elevation
+ SHIFT View | Rotate down CTRL+ALT+ Decrease view elevation
View | Rotate right CTRL+ALT+ Increase view azimuth
+ SHIFT View | Rotate left CTRL+ALT+ Decrease view azimuth
View | Zoom in CTRL+I Zoom in
+ SHIFT View | Zoom out SHIFT+CTRL+I Zoom out
View | Shaded graphics mode CTRL+G Switch between wire frame and shaded graphics mode
View | Edit view parameters CTRL+W Edit view parameters

You can also use the mouse wheel to change view. Turn the wheel to scroll the 3D view up and down. Turn it with the CTRL key held down to zoom in or out on the location at which the mouse is currently pointing.

For more precise control you can set the view parameters explicitly using the view parameters form.

Finally, 3D views can also be controlled using the view menu and various shortcut keys – see mouse and keyboard actions and navigating in 3D views.