Line statics: Spline

The spline method gives the line an initial shape that is based on a user-defined smooth Bezier spline curve. It is therefore not, in general, an equilibrium position so, if you choose the spline method for step 1, you should also select full statics for step 2 if you want to obtain the true equilibrium position.

The Bezier curve is specified by giving a series of control points – it is a curve that tries to follow those control points – and the Bezier curve and its control points (marked by +) can be seen on the 3D view when in reset state. The smoothness of the spline can be controlled using the spline order.

The spline method puts the line into a position that, as far as possible, follows the Bezier curve. However the Bezier curve may have the wrong length (depending on how accurately you have set up the control points), so the spline method scales the Bezier spline curve up or down until the resulting line shape has the correct as laid tension, as specified on the line data form.