Line statics: Full statics

The full statics calculation is a line statics calculation that includes all forces modelled in OrcaFlex. In particular it includes the effects of bend stiffness and interaction with shapes. These effects are omitted from the catenary calculation, and this sometimes results in significant shock loads at the start of the simulation, when the effects of bend stiffness and shapes are introduced. Because the full statics calculation includes these effects, no such shock loads should occur when it is used. We therefore recommend using full statics for most cases.

To use full statics set the step 2 statics method to full statics on the line data form. Full statics needs a starting shape for the line, and it uses the specified step 1 statics method to obtain this; it then finds the equilibrium position from there. You should therefore set the step 1 statics method to give a reasonable starting shape.