How objects are drawn

Wire frame drawing

Objects are drawn as a series of connected lines – a wire frame – with the pen colour, line width and style (solid, dashed etc.) defined by the object's drawing data. You can change the pen colours etc. for an object at any time by editing the drawing data for that object. To change the pen colour, click the colour button on the data form and select the new colour.

Note: In Windows, a line width of zero does not mean "do not draw" – it means draw with the minimum line width. To suppress drawing either set the line style to be clear or else hide the object.

In a wire frame view, the various specific objects are drawn as follows.


All OrcaFlex model objects can be connected to other objects, and we use the terminology that a child object is connected to a parent object. To denote the possible connection points on child objects in a wire frame drawing, we draw them as the following small shapes:

Their colour is determined by the nature of the connection:

Notes: Connection drawing can be disabled from the preferences form, or from the view menu.
Connections are only drawn when the model is in reset or statics complete state.

Shaded drawing

For shaded views the various objects are drawn as follows:

Hiding objects

You can choose, in the model browser and on the all objects data form, to hide objects, in which case they are not drawn in any wire frame or shaded views. Note that this does not exclude them from the OrcaFlex calculation: they have the same effect on the model, whether they are drawn or not.