Call C_RegisterExternalFunctionResult only in response to an eaRegisterResult action to register an externally calculated result. The function should be called once for each result the external function supports.

The same ResultID may be used by several results, providing that each result has a unique name and the external function supports calculating the correct result. It is also valid to call this function more than once with identical TExtFnResultInfo values, any exact duplicates will be silently ignored.

void C_RegisterExternalFunctionResult(

TExtFnInfo *lpExtFnInfo,

TExtFnResultInfo *lpResultInfo,

int *lpStatus



lpExtFnInfo (IN)

This is a pointer to the data structure passed to an OrcaFlex External Function.

lpResultInfo (IN)

A pointer to a TExtFnResultInfo structure defining the result to be registered. One result per call to C_RegisterExternalFunctionResult.

lpStatus (OUT)

Points to a variable in which the status result for the function call will be returned.

Unicode and ANSI

The Unicode function name is C_RegisterExternalFunctionResultW and the ANSI function name is C_RegisterExternalFunctionResultA.

See also

TExtFnInfo, TExtFnResultInfo, Native external functions: Results.