Shapes: Labels

A label shape has no physical effect on the model, and no geometric shape. It is used solely to draw text labels on the 3D view. Labels are not drawn for shaded graphics views. The size of the text can be controlled by the label scale preference.

Label shapes have the following data:


This consists of three rotation angles, rotation 1, 2 and 3, defining the shape's orientation, $\Sxyz$, relative to the connection axes, $\Cxyz$. $\Sxyz$ is calculated by first aligning the shape with $\Cxyz$, such that $\Sxyz = \Cxyz$. Rotation 1 is applied about $\vec{S}_x (=\vec{C}_x)$, followed by rotation 2 about the new $\vec{S}_y$ direction, and finally rotation 3 about the new (and final) $\vec{S}_z$ direction.


Multiple text labels can be defined for each shape. Each text label is specified by the following data:


The position of the label, with respect to the shape's local axes.


The label's text.

Line breaks can be inserted in the text using the escape sequence \n. The backslash character can be escaped itself using \\.


The colour in which the label is drawn.


The horizontal and vertical alignment of the text. The horizontal alignment can be left justified, right justified or centred. Vertically, the text can be top aligned, bottom aligned or centred.