Results: Statistics

To obtain a statistics report:

The report is presented in a spreadsheet and is available for both time domain and frequency domain analyses.

Time domain statistics

These statistics are reported for successive intervals of the simulation. If the statistics by wave period option is selected, then these intervals correspond to wave periods; otherwise they are the stages of the simulation.

Note: Be careful when interpreting statistics of line clearance and seabed clearance, since these results are already minima – the shortest distance to any other line and to any point on the seabed. For example, the maximum of line contact clearance will be the maximum value that the smallest clearance took during the period.

Frequency domain statistics

Statistics page

If a random wave analysis has been performed, results available are:

If a regular wave analysis has been performed, results available are:

Note: For a regular wave analysis the loading is defined by a single regular wave, and because frequency domain results are calculated by applying a series of linear transforms, the result is a single harmonic. Hence the amplitude of the result is well-defined.

Components page

This page reports an array of complex valued results process components defined as:

The phase definition is dependent on the process type: