C_RecordExternalFunctionError should be called when an external function calculation fails. An error string is provided to C_RecordExternalFunctionError which in turn is reported by OrcaFlex. This can be used to provide feedback as to what went wrong with the calculation.

You should call C_RecordExternalFunctionError from the implementation of your external function.

void C_RecordExternalFunctionError(

TExtFnInfo *lpExtFnInfo,

LPCTSTR lpErrorString,

int *lpStatus



lpExtFnInfo (IN)

Points to the data structure which was passed to an OrcaFlex External Function.

lpErrorString (IN)

A null-terminated string describing the error. This string is included in the error message reported by OrcaFlex and it should be as informative as possible to help the user understand the reason for the failure.

lpStatus (OUT)

Points to a variable in which the status result for the function call will be returned.

Unicode and ANSI

The Unicode function name is C_RecordExternalFunctionErrorW and the ANSI function name is C_RecordExternalFunctionErrorA.

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