OrcaFlex 10.3

OrcaFlex 10.3

The latest release of OrcaFlex 10.3 is OrcaFlex 10.3c.

The new features introduced in OrcaFlex 10.3 can be viewed online in the OrcaFlex help file. The OrcaFlex 10.3 help file can also be downloaded:

OrcaFlex 10.3 Help.zip (8.5 MB)

To upgrade to OrcaFlex 10.3c from 10.3a or 10.3b, download the following ZIP file:

OrcaFlex-Patch-10.3a-or-10.3b-to-10.3c.zip (11.2 MB)

and execute the .msp patch file that it contains.

A more in depth discussion of the major new features introduced in 10.3 is available in the news section.

Known bugs in version 10.3c

  • In the model browser, pasting either the general object or the SHEAR7 data object could corrupt memory leading to access violation errors.
  • Since 10.3c, external functions which call C_GetMultipleTimeHistories are handled incorrectly during dynamics. Symptoms include time running backwards and simulations becoming unstable. To work around the defect, use individual calls to C_GetTimeHistory2. For Python external functions, the defect is triggered by calling TimeHistory passing multiple variable names and the workaround is to call TimeHistory multiple times, passing a single variable name in each call.

These bugs will be fixed in version 10.3d.