Software Training

Orcina have a long track record in running software training courses. These courses range from introductory level, through to project specific courses aimed at maximising productivity. Attendance on the OrcaFlex Standard Course is accredited by both IMarEST and RINA as counting towards the Continuing Professional Development requirements of these institutions.

Several of our clients also run OrcaFlex training courses, often covering specific application areas. These are conducted entirely independently of Orcina.

Client Specific Training

Orcina have for a long time run software training courses for our clients either at their offices or at our own offices. These training courses, including the open training syllabus and workshop formats, can be tailored to cover any of the software products which we offer. Dates are arranged on an ad-hoc basis to suit. We continue to run such courses and if they are of interest then please contact us so that we might discuss your requirements further.

Open Training

We also run Open Training courses for OrcaFlex which are open to any interested parties on fixed dates throughout the year (see below). These 2 day events, are aimed at elementary / intermediate level and will cover a standard course that has been developed by Orcina over a number of years. For more details please download the syllabus: OpenTrainingSyllabus.pdf.

The OrcaFlex Open Training schedule is below:

Location Dates
Course fee   
per person
Ulverston, UK 12-13 September 2017 GBP 800 Orcina office

Course fees include training materials and lunch. All places on Open Training courses are reserved on a first come first served basis. If these courses are of interest, please contact Orcina (either email or phone Yvonne Morgan on +44 (0)1229 584742), unless indicated otherwise in the table.

Course Requirements

Attendees must bring their own laptops capable of running OrcaFlex - we supply the software and dongles for the duration of the course. Any reasonably modern laptop will do, but the laptop will require:

  1. A CD reader or USB port which is needed to install the software.
  2. A USB port for the software security key which we will provide.
  3. Microsoft Excel in order to use the OrcaFlex automation facilities.
  4. Administrator rights are essential in order to install the software.

For courses in Cumbria we can suggest local accommodation details, but unfortunately we cannot make the bookings on your behalf.

Python interface to OrcaFlex Workshop

We have recently developed a single day introductory workshop devoted entirely to the Python interface to OrcaFlex. This is an advanced topic that cannot reasonably be covered in our Open Training course. This workshop will cover the following broad topics:

  • Overview of OrcaFlex automation facilities.
  • Post-processing OrcaFlex analyses using Python.
  • Pre-processing OrcaFlex analyses using Python.

The workshop will be hands-on and example based. Attendees will write Python code and pre- and post-process OrcaFlex analyses. If time permits, towards the end of the day, we may be able to cover some participant suggested applications in more detail.

Location Dates
Course fee   
per person
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 24 October 2017 GBP 400 Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Singapore 27 October 2017 GBP 400 Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre
Perth, Australia 31 October 2017 GBP 400 Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 23 November 2017 GBP 400 Windsor Guanabara Hotel

If you are interested in attending, please contact Orcina (either email or phone Yvonne Morgan on +44 (0)1229 584742).

Course Requirements

Attendees will provide laptop on which OrcaFlex and Python have been installed. We will, prior to the workshop, provide downloads for OrcaFlex, training licence files and a portable Python installation. We will supply an OrcaFlex dongle on the day.

Attendees will be experienced in the use of OrcaFlex, but do not require any prior experience of Python.

OrcaFlex Workshop on Modelling the Environment

We are planning an informal workshop on modelling of the Environment on October 12, 2017. The workshop will be free but is limited to twelve attendees. Registration is on a first come, first served basis, and attendees are limited to two people per company or organisation. Experience with OrcaFlex is required.

The workshop will explore features and functionality on the OrcaFlex Environment form. Most of the focus will be on options for modelling regular and irregular wave trains and the seabed. Options for modelling current and wind will also be discussed.

The workshop will be held at the offices of Ocean Flow International (2100 West Loop South, Suite 500, Houston Tx, 77027) starting at 6.30pm. We anticipate that the workshop will end at approximately 8.30pm. The content of the workshop is sufficient to count for two Professional Development Hours (pdh).

This workshop is intended to be the first in a series covering specific modelling topics in OrcaFlex. Thoughts on other topics to discuss are most welcome.

If you have an interest in attending the workshop then please email Dongmei Chu ( or Paul Jacob (

Course Requirements

Attendees will have prior experience of OrcaFlex, but are not required to use it at the workshop since most of the presentation will be in the form of PowerPoint presentations (electronic copies of which will be provided on the day). However, if attendees wish to follow the examples using OrcaFlex, they will need to provide their own laptop on which OrcaFlex has been pre-installed. We can provide a download of the latest version of OrcaFlex with training licence files prior to the workshop, and training dongles will be available on the day.